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The simple and practical approach to a thriving business & life

Stop the Busyness

Spend half the time in the office while increasing your business bottom line!

Are you sick of feeling burned out and frustrated when coming home from work, missing out on family time, kid activities while living Groundhog Day at work without getting ahead?  

Free yourself with simple integration techniques that actually work and achieve more in less time!

Efficiency vs Productivity

There is nothing worse than doing the wrong thing well! [Quote: Peter F. Ducker]

Do you feel like you can't fit your business AND your life commitments into your day?

Effortless Efficiency™ is not about being more productive, working longer hours, or cramming more into your already overloaded schedule.

We are about integration and spending time on the right things to move those hinges that swing the BIG doors!

Streamline Your Business

Reclaim control over your business and achieve time freedom and wealth!

Do you feel your business is out of control and you are constantly fire fighting while you have sight of your vision?

It's time to streamline your business, so you, your family and your staff can enjoy the journey, and live stress-free while making a positive impact in your clients' lives and in your community. 

How System8™ Can Help You

Know Who You Are

Have you ever experienced the struggle of trying to balance your personal life and your business, only to finally realise it doesn't work? You can't stand on a seesaw and expect to be in balance!

I meet so many successful people, who are in constant conflict between their professional and personal lives. They seemed to have forgotten who they are.

System8™ will help you rediscover your personal and professional aspirations and integrate them into your life!

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Know Where You're Going

Do you remember the vision you had for your business when you started it?

Do you remember how it was supposed to support your and your families lifestyle, provide you freedom and prosperity, while making an impact in the market place. But along the way, you got lost because without a compass you're going around in circles.

System8™ will take you through a easy to follow proven process to create your own business and life compass.

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Map & Plan Effectively

Have you ever written down your goals, only to find the piece of paper months later without having acted on any of them, making you feel stressed and frustrated?

Goal setting is only successful if you have the tools and support to follow through on those goals within the timeframe you set.

System8™ will help you create the framework to achieve your personal and professional goals with joy.

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Hi, I'm Swan

Project manager, Entrepreneur, Systems Expert and Life Design Coach

Over the last 15 years, I have managed numerous multi-million dollar construction project, ran multiple successful businesses as well as a young family. I have come to realise that the only way you can truly succeed in business and life is by integrating the two. Otherwise, they will always compete and get you off balance.

Working across different industries, in the office and from home, I have identified that no matter whether it's your personal or business life, it's always the same: SYSTEMS CREATE FREEDOM!

TIME FREEDOM, QUALITY OUTCOMES and INTEGRITY are important values of mine and key drivers the way I work with my clients. I will support you every step of the way until your reach your goals. I will hold you ACCOUNTABLE until you live a happy integrated personal and professional life.

Why I do what I do....

Meeting so many burnt out business owners, who struggle to cope with the daily demands of their business, having lost sight of their dreams and compromising their personal life, it's become MY MISSION to help YOU to apply the same simple principles to your business and life that work for me and those I taught to apply them.

I believe my unique approach on how to integrate your personal and professional life is vital to live happy and successful in the 21st century, especially in a post-covid world.

Let me help you as create the PERSONAL FREEDOM you dreamt off when you started on your entrepreneur journey while improving your business outputs and IMPACT.

With the right system, you can CREATE TRUE WEALTH, which includes reclaiming your family life, your health and control over your business. Effortless Efficiency has been created to help you achieve your business and your life vision and enjoy it fully.

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What Others Say...

I’ve been involved in Goal Setting with Swan for just over 12 months. I find when I prepare for the month at the end of the previous month, I’m more productive… which is a fabulous feeling.

Swan has the right amount of compassion and tough love. Thank you Swan



I’ve had the privilege to work with Swan, and I can tell you from my own experience that she is fantastic to work with. She has an outstanding capability in understanding and dealing with people.

Swan is always willing to help and will do what it takes to get the results you are after.



I’ve been working with Swan for 12 months now. What I have achieved in this time has been outstanding.

Swan has the ability to help me achieve my best with her guidance.

Thank you Swan



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Take back control over your life and your business to finally achieve TIME FREEDOM & TRUE WEALTH?

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    Integration and Goals Achievement Club

    Using System8™ Principles - 12 month membership

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